LG otw420 Fernsehregal Muro

LG otw420 Fernsehregal Muro

8806087758894 - €112.51 €353.16
Mount your stunning OLED TV on the wall with the LG OTW420B tilting wall mount.

Developed specifically for

2017 models: OLED65E7V, OLED55E7N, OLED65C7V, OLED55C7V, OLED65B7V, OLED55B7V, 

2016 models: OLED65G6V, OLED65E6V, OLED55E6V, OLED65C6V, OLED55C6V, OLED65B6V, OLED55B6V

IT € 112.51 £ 100.46 More info
FR € 353.16 £ 315.32 More info
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