How to translate any website

Curiua Team

Need to translate a website (like an Amazon store) into a different language? Thankfully most modern web-browsers have this ability today, and in the following guide we'll show you how it's done using the most popular browser available: Google Chrome.

Step 1: Enable Translation

Once you navigate to the website you would like to translate using Google Chrome (we're using in this example), a pop-up should display in the top-right corner of the browser. If it doesn't appear, simply click the Translate-icon next to the address bar.

Step 2: Select Language

By default, clicking the "Translate" button will change the website's language into your default browser language. If you would like to change the language, click the "Options" button and choose "Change languages" (or the last option) from the menu list:

You can now select your preferred "Translation language", and (if needed) the original site language:

Step 3: Translate the Site

Finally, click the "Translate" button and let Google Chrome do the rest. You can restore the site's original language anytime by clicking "Show original" button in the translation menu:

That's all there is to it, pretty simple!

Google Translate

If you only need to translate a specific paragraph from a site's page, using Google Translate can be a better option.

Start by navigating to (any web-browser can be used in this case).

Copy/paste the text you want to translate into the left text-box (its language will be automatically detected by default) and select the language you want to translate into above the box on the right:

That's it, the translated version of your text will now be shown.

Note: The Google Translate tool isn't perfect - it works well for for personal use and web-browsing, but be careful with relying on it for anything official.

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